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We are able to provide professional counseling to children as young as five years old. If your child is showing signs of depression, anxiety, anger, inattention, hyperactivity, or disruptive behavior, rest assured – there is hope.

What we do

Working closely with you, the parent, our counselors will instill an open line of communication throughout the entirety of your child’s therapeutic journey. Whether your son or daughter struggles with behavioral or emotional health, Good Therapy will partner alongside you to provide understanding, and promote healing.




Good Therapy has expertise working with teens as they navigate through this transitional, and oftentimes difficult, period of life. Whether your teen son or daughter is struggling to cope with the stresses of academia, is battling substance abuse, an eating disorder, has a tendency toward self-harm, or needs help with the management of ADHD, our team of licensed counselors will provide insightful guidance aimed at personal growth and healing.

Understanding Adolescent Development

According to Erik Erikson (1994), the psychological developmental stage during adolescence is Identity vs. Role Confusion (ages 12-18). This is when this age group is becoming preoccupied with themselves and their bodies changing. This is also when they want to...

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All teens experience some amount of anxiety. It’s a normal reaction to stress, and sometimes it helps teens deal with tense or overwhelming situations. For many teens, things like public speaking, final exams, important athletic competitions, or even going out on a...

Checking Up on Your Teen’s Mental Health

Parents know to take their children to the pediatrician for physical checkups, but your teen's mental health is as important as physical well-being. A child’s teenage years can seem stressful. Teenagers enter high school, where they must make new friends. Increased...

Helping Teens Improve Mental Health by Finding Happiness

Students and educators alike have been facing increased hardship this school year, navigating hybrid and remote learning environments while balancing schoolwork and other priorities. While individuals of all ages struggle with stress, research shows that teenagers are...

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