Good Therapy Counseling

Whatever life transition or personal struggle you are going through, you can get collaborative, caring, and connected counseling services with Good Therapy Counseling.

We provide the best therapy for marriage counseling, couples counseling, teen counseling and counseling for substance abuse.

We are conveniently located in downtown Naperville, South Naperville and Northbrook, Illinois.

Services we offer

Our team of licensed professional counselors and therapists have experience treating a variety of mental and emotional health issues including:

Couples Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Teen and Adolescent Counseling
Substance Abuse
Sexual Abuse

Anger Management
Inattention and Hyperactivity
Behavior Disorders

Eating Disorders
Family Conflict & Divorce
Poor Self-Esteem

South Naperville Location

3420 Lacrosse Lane
Suite 200, Office 5
Naperville, Illinois 60564

Downtown Naperville Location

50 S. Main Street
Suite 200
Naperville, Illinois 60540


707 Skokie Blvd
Suite 600
Northbrook, IL 60062

South Naperville Office

Main Office

Northbrook Office

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