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Whatever life transition or personal struggle you are going through, you can get collaborative, caring, and connected counseling services with Good Therapy Counseling.

We provide the best therapy for marriage counseling, couples counseling, teen counseling and counseling for substance abuse.

We are conveniently located in downtown Naperville and South Naperville, Illinois.

Weathering the Storm, while Sheltering in Place

Abby Koch, LCSW – Owner of Good therapy Counseling and Leah Setzen, family law attorney/Partner with Grunyk Family Law are proud to present:. “Weathering the Storm, while Sheltering in Place”. How to take control of your safety and relationships during the pandemic. This presentation will provide the tools you need to manage your mental health as well as the legal side of how the courts are open, available and can help with orders of protection and divorce cases. Please join us on June 9th from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and repeat showing on June 11th at 5:00pm-6:00 pm. Contact 630-473-3971 for inquires.


Good Therapy Counseling was interviewed by NBC 5 Chicago to give some experts’ tips for maintaining mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a time where we need to be vulnerable and take advantage of the fact that everybody is having these feelings, so everybody is angry, frustrated, sad, worried,” said licensed clinical social worker Abby Koch, owner of Good Therapy Counseling Practice in Naperville.


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Virtual Art Therapy

Online sessions are available for individuals and groups of all ages. Explore emotions, feelings, and self through the art making process. Facilitated by a trained art therapist.

HIPPA Compliant
Virtual Anxiety Therapy

Online sessions are available for individuals and groups of all ages. Good Therapy is offering online counseling for those that are suffering from anxiety disorders.

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Marriage Counseling

Online marriage counseling sessions are available for those who find themselves unable to communicate effectively with their partner, or feel the end of their marriage nearing, and want to give it a fighting chance at survival.

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Services we offer

Our team of licensed professional counselors and therapists have experience treating a variety of mental and emotional health issues including:

Couples Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Teen and Adolescent Counseling
Substance Abuse
Sexual Abuse

Anger Management
Inattention and Hyperactivity
Behavior Disorders

Eating Disorders
Family Conflict & Divorce
Poor Self-Esteem

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